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Staying Motivated & Keeping Positive

When starting the journey of creating your own future the biggest challenge you will come up against will be staying motivated and keeping a positive mindset. It is much easier to stay motivated as an employee as there is a role that is expected of you and even with flexible hours or the freedom of a high level career, the requirement to be accountable to somebody else provides at least some level of motivation, the only self-motivation that is required is between some outlying parameters that are already drawn out in front of you.

When you take away this accountability, self-motivation is all that you have and it takes a certain type of person to be able to embrace the freedom and take the desire within your belly and use it like a burning fire to push you forwards day after day!

Now, if you can embrace the freedom and focus your mind to be able to go on the journey to creating your own future, you have a great opportunity ahead of you, however, there will be obstacles that you have to get over, lots and lots of obstacles and at each and every one of them you will be challenged mentally and you need to have the strength to get back up from each set back and go again.

Personally, the biggest challenges for me lie in keeping positive though every set back. When you start looking into the business opportunities for you, whether it is affiliate marketing or setting up an Amazon store it is a regular occurrence that there will be set backs and that as you get into the detail you will start to think 'this is more challenging that I thought it would be' or 'nobody will want to buy my product' or 'I do not understand how to add a HTML to my webpage' and when this happens keeping positive is difficult. It is critical that at this point you look at the process 1 step at a time and keep working through your problems and before you know it you will be further forward than you even know!

My Top 5 Steps to Staying Motivated and Positive are:

  • Setting Targets - Set your overall goals but then set smaller segment targets (rather that aiming for 1-100 build up in sections 1-10 / 11-20 / 21-30 etc) and let the big picture just come together. It will remove the feeling of anxiety and each goal that you achieve will give a sense of achievement and push you on to the next target.

  • Ask for Help - This seems very obvious, however, people that try to figure everything out for themselves find themselves struggling to progress. Speak to friends & family, discuss with others on social media, engage with a professional personal life coach and most important of all you need to speak to people that have achieved what you are striving for! Think about when you started your first job, everything was brand new but somebody who had been through that job before showed you everything you need do. If you do not know anybody personally then follow their pages on social media or read up on success stories. Trust me, you will get help on specific problems but more importantly it will motivate you to carry on!

  • Read, Read, Read - Books and E-Books are massively important to keep your drive. Now, there are just as many books that will send you down the wrong path as the right one, so read reviews and ask for recommendations because the right books will be a huge benefit. Some books that have really helped me are:

  • Sleep Hypnosis - A bit of a left field tip but something that has worked really well for me. You can find good sleep hypnosis Audio Books on Amazon and for me they really work! Firstly, they help with getting a good nights sleep which is something that is difficult when there is a lot on your mind, but more importantly you can get the Audio Books that contain Positive Affirmations. They could be to help with building confidence, boosting self-esteem, in the law of attraction or even motivating weight loss but this something that I swear by and after a few nights of using these I wake up refreshed, ready for the day ahead and with strong drive to approach the day!

  • Brag - Finally, it is important that you let people know how you are doing, if only to receive some credit! Seriously, remember you are not working for somebody so no matter how well you are doing you will not receive any praise, and it is human nature to require this. Bring your accomplishments up in conversation, show your friends what you are doing and it will only push your motivation levels higher and higher. You'll be desperate to get back to your computer to do more!

I hope the article has been helpful and keep up the good work!

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