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How To Get Your Blog Discovered - My 5 Key Tips

Writing quality content and appealing to a genuine marketplace is critical, however, good content only becomes useful if people actually get to see it!

Blogs are rarely discovered without lots of work to raise awareness and develop a following. Below are my 5 Key Tips to help you get your information out to the world:

1) SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - Use keywords in your articles and check those keywords against what the public are searching for. SEO proves to be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful blog in terms of traffic. Google offers 3 different tools to help with this:

A) Google Adwords - Enter the keywords from your content & see what the words are used by the public. A product to help your content get higher up the search engine scrolls!

B) Google Search Wonder Wheel - A tool that gives you the word associations to support your Adwords searches.

C) Google Trends - A brainstorming tool showing what is currently trending.

2) Social Media - Link your blog to your social media accounts (or create new ones) & share your articles! This gives you visibility in a huge forum and if you can get others to share your posts you are on to a winner. Even ask your friends and family to get involved to give you that extra push!

3) Send an Email - Get your blog out there by announcing it to your contacts!

4) Add Sharing Options to your Blogs - Once you have some readers on your blog then let them give you a hand! If the content is good then others will share your blogs and you will watch your traffic grow in front of your eyes!

5) Engage with Other Bloggers - This is a great way of getting content out there and driving people to your pages. Engage with other bloggers that write about the same 'niches' as you do. You are guaranteeing that you are getting to your target audience. Rather than just spamming others with your URL, you need to comment on their blogs in good detail, join in on public conversations, comment on social media posts and try to engage in positive debates. Remember to include links to your pages but this is all about the quality of your comments!

I hope the above is useful and happy blogging!!

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